Monthly Archives: July 2016

Inside Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters, London

I had a quick browse looking for a rug for myself at Urban Outfitters in High Street Kensington and took these pictures. I like the open layout of the store, and of course there are cactuses!

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Blog Update

Hi all!

I think I owe all my followers an update on what is happening with me. When I was very active with the blog I was working as a visual merchandiser and was absolutely obsessed with window displays. Now for a few years now I’ve changed my focus and work as a photographer full-time. I shoot products and interiors. I still find shop windows inspiring, but I am also interested in interiors, architecture, food etc.

I feel the landscape of social media has changed massive in the last couple of years, and would like to make you all aware of my Instagram account @kaisaleinonenphoto and do check out my professional website.

Having said that I will sometimes post on here, but the subject will be free, may it be an artist I like, a shop, a restaurant, please do continue to follow the blog although the content won;t be strictly window displays đŸ™‚

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