Harvey Nichols Christmas Windows 2013

Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London

Christmas windows have come early this year, or does it just feel like it’s earlier and earlier each year. Harvey Nics christmas windows are glitzy and sparkling with colour and light. This year I’ll be able to show you just how the lights sparkle with video. I have a new YouTube Channel where I’ll be adding videos of windows with movement especially. The channel is suitably called The Window Display Blog.

Harvey Nichols opener

Harvey Nichols Christmas 2013-5

Harvey Nichols Christmas 2013-6

Harvey Nichols Christmas 2013-2

Harvey Nichols Christmas 2013-3

Harvey Nichols Christmas 2013-4


2 responses to “Harvey Nichols Christmas Windows 2013

  1. Kimmy Marshall

    OMG these outfits are seriously amazing! I could definitely see myself keeping warm with these and the new Toms I got from http://www.shoedaca.com! That way I can be fashionable AND warm from head to toe 😉

  2. ray bennett

    why do your windows look like a very cheap and nasty version of top shop
    what ever happened to your quality window displays you had years ago
    that where stunning and quality i was not evern sure about your jubilee
    windows on that event when it took place
    the budget spent on the windows was not worth it

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