Harvey Nics Resort

Harvey Nichols, London

Swimwear in contrasting brights meets pastel sets and mannequins in these Harvey Nichols’ 2012 resort windows. The painterly effect on the background creates a dreamy mood and I especially like the fluorescent lighting effects. The use of colour is the main talking point for me: purples and yellows create great contrast, whereas the pastels are calming and make the brights stand out.


9 responses to “Harvey Nics Resort

  1. Great poses of those manequins!

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  3. It´s so funny. I like the colours…

  4. …the mannequins in the photos is by ROOTSTEIN ?
    thank you.

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  6. Loved the contrast of the green mannequin and the purple swimsuit. But loved more the purple swimsuit 😉

  7. I have always loved the idea of a realistic mannequin in one colour of choice, therefore making it an abstract one. If nothing else it opens up the doors of possibility for re-use. This same window scheme, which I have seen photographed a few times now is really testimony to this.

  8. I have to say that this is a great display of creativity, as far as mannequins are concerned. I even like most of the styles.

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